Did we forget to mention his islamic heritage (and his middle name)?

Obama isn’t a muslim. We’ve had that bit of information driven home enough that everyone believes it now. But maybe some of that early training stuck. Respect for the ruler of the city that holds the meteorite they all pray to seems to be a lesson he hasn’t forgotten.


The President of the United States, bowing down to the saudi king. That’s the king of saudi arabia; that lovely country where they have the happy fun-loving religion police running around beating women for talking to men, driving, or BEING kidnapped and raped. They seem rather fond of disciplining old women, too.

The man is a disgrace. When I saw the picture, I assumed he had tripped or something… surely it could not have been what it appeared.

The video erases all doubt.

Shorter clip, gets right to the point:

Long (original) version

Still happy with this president?

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