Threatening email

To the individual who thinks it funny to use my feedback page to threaten me:  Your IP address and information collected from the server logs is being turned over to law enforcement.  Since you live across many state lines from me, you have committed a federal offense.  Time to rethink that whole “typing while under the influence” gig.

Addendum:  It’s downright amazing the level of detail you can get when you have an IP address that narrows the physical address down not only to city and state, but to address block and apartment/condo building.  Combine that with a name, and you then have unit number, phone number, and parking space.  Add a picture, toss in a web page with a disturbing amount of personal information and law enforcement’s work is done for them before they finish taking the report.  Given the new terrorism laws on the books, it’s a really, really bad idea to issue death threats over the internet.  Yes, Roniboy03, I mean you.