How many good things can we count here?

Former Marine?  Check.  Concealed Carry License?  Check.  Weapon On-Hand?  Check.  Not allowing himself to be cowed like the sheeple modern society would have us all be?  Check.  This is the kind of guy you want to invite to your parties.  The only problem I have with this story is that Jamal Rashad Hill is alive and has the possibility of being paroled.  Oh, and what the hell were the other four men doing…?

Former Marine honored for thwarting ’09 robbery

Marine Sgt. Sean Barner and a friend were returning to a birthday party at a College Park, Ga., apartment after going outside to get some fresh air when they saw the attendees sitting silently in the living room.

Barner started to ask what was going on when he felt the muzzle of a gun on his back — two armed robbers had entered the home and were holding everyone hostage.

Barner slipped out of the bedroom and his military experience kicked in — it was just like the urban assault training scenarios he went through in the Corps. He entered the living room, saw one of the robbers and began firing before the robber fled out the window.

He then kicked down the door to the bedroom, shouted for the women inside to get down and began firing at the second robber. In the firefight that followed, one of the women was wounded by bullets from the intruder’s weapon; the would-be rapist in the bedroom — 23-year-old Calvin Lavant — was killed.

Ensign Sean Barner, the world could use a lot more like you.