New Day USA

I’ve posted before, without specificity, on my feelings in regards to admiral shithead and his scummy company, “New Day Fuck You USA”.  Well, fuck you, Tom Lynch.  Your company sucks.  You prey on veterans by offering them exactly what they are already entitled to, and soak them for the privilege.  Fuck you.  Veterans with shitty credit might fall into your trap, but fuck you for screwing over these people desperately in need.  I can’t wait to take part in the class action suit that makes you a pariah and a pauper.  You sick mother fucker, please die.  Have a nice day.

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  1. Yeah, I was pretty sick of seeing this joker’s face that day… no, I’ve never had reason to do business with him, he’s just constantly on the box hawking his wares. It’s a scam, he’s scum, and I get really, really upset when I see these vermin literally screwing over service members in broad daylight. The fact that his ads run on channels that claim to support the military without reservation makes it even worse. I really can’t wait to read about the settlement he’s forced to pay out right after he’s run out of business.

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