The death of M$-Passport

Microsoft revokes Passport service | The Register

Did anyone actually use this service? I remember signing up for several M$-Passports to access M$ specific services that required them (Hotmail and MSN Messenger come to mind), but that was about it. I don’t ever remembering wanting Bill to manage my ID for anything else. shrug

Microsoft has given up on trying to hawk its controversial Passport sign-on service to other companies.

Microsoft’s decision to shut down its Passport partner program comes after one of its largest allies – eBay – said it would retire Passport in January and use its own service instead. Redmond will still offer up Passport as a single sign-on tool for its own services such as Hotmail. This move by Microsoft to give up on being a type of internet services middleman can be seen as a major victory for the rival Liberty Alliance, which is comprised of serious tech heavyweights such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP and Nokia.