So, what does the “Illegal” in “Illegal Alien” mean again?

Border-vigil volunteers big in spirit, not number

Sadly, our own government doesn’t recognize the “minutemen” in Arizona for what they really are – American citizens concerned about the influx of illegal aliens, and the variety of problems that come along with them.

It’s downright laughable that the Mexican government, who not only does nothing to help us protect our border, but in fact works hard to make it easier for anyone to covertly cross into the United States, would complain about the possibility of one of their people getting hurt while committing a crime. If they weren’t contributing to the problem, they might find more sympathy over here.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government yesterday again condemned what it called “vigilantism” along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, demanding the U.S. government ensure that the Minuteman volunteers do not abuse Mexican nationals crossing into the United States.
Mexican Consul Miguel Escobar told reporters his government “considers it unacceptable that certain people are detaining Mexican (my note: ILLEGAL) migrants.”
It was the same message delivered to U.S. government officials Feb. 10 in a diplomatic note that sought assurances that the civil rights of illegal aliens crossing into the United States would not be violated.

Yes, Mr. Escobar – we always take good care of our (and your) criminals. Now if only your government would pick up the bill for the cost of their well-being.