The bottom line… belongs closer to the top.

This is the tale of a gruesome murder committed by an illegal immigrant. The Rocky Mountain News gives a long, redundant description of the event, but only mentions his residency status as an afterthought, in the last line of the article.

I think it belongs right here, at the top:

Rubi-Nava, who prosecutors said was in the country illegally, also faces forgery charges for using false government documents.

Still not much in the way of official reaction to the invasion this country faces daily. Maybe a few more of these will get it through their heads.

Jose Luis Rubi-Nava put a rope around his girlfriend’s neck and told her, “If you want death, here it is,” moments before he dragged her behind his car for more than a mile.
The dragging left a blood trail for more than a mile on the road, said Douglas County sheriff’s investigator Mike French.

He said there was “extreme damage” to Fierros’ body and an autopsy showed she died of asphyxiation and massive head injuries.