Disturbing Memories

Watched Flight 93 tonight (via NetFlix), and found it somewhat disturbing… I think it was the flashes of television audio and video going on in the background as the passengers learned what was happening in New York and Washington, and likely to soon happen to them. I still clearly remember September 11, 2001 – where I was, what I was doing, who was around me – and although I was not directly affected, I was scarred for life that day. As were we all.

If you’ve found yourself wondering why we’re fighting the animals that love death as we love life, watch the movie.

If you’ve found yourself wondering what regular people can and will do in the face of such barbarism, watch the movie.

I have a renewed sense of awe regarding those brave men and women who took action to try to save their own lives, and surely saved the lives of countless others.

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  1. I was so tense and I was shaking so hard at the end of that movie it was unbelievable. I had little half moons from my nails buried in mu palms. And I was mad, so mad. I’ll onlt watch that movie again if somehow I need to remind myself why we are fighting. I hardly think it will be neccessary.

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