Like a kick to the head

You know, the whole argument over whether or not you want the government to make your life choices for you is one thing.  I volunteered for that sort of life for twenty years, so I may be mildly hypocritical when I say I don’t want that for everyone else.  Remember, though – I had a choice.  But that’s not what brings me here this evening; it’s the most blatant example of an OUTRIGHT LIAR in the service of the socialized medicine crowd I could ever imagine.

Saw what you want about the “amateur” journalism practiced every day on blogs across the internet, here’s a perfect example of why we *need* bloggers:

Roxana Mayer: I’m Not a Doctor But I Play One at Town Hall Meetings

[This post follows up on a previous post in which I questioned the credentials of a woman at a Texas town hall meeting who claimed to be a doctor, but turned out to be anything but. She is a graduate student in social work — oh, and an Obama delegate. Read on for more.]




And of course, Ms. Lee just eats up those phony credentials (watch the video towards the end of the article).  Almost as if this were the perfect person to introduce the plans to implement more preventative care and hire more primary care physicians… almost… almost… perfect!

And they accuse those aligned against these efforts to give the government more control over our lives of being hired guns.

** speaking of Ms. Lee… what an arrogant piece of work she is:  Witness the way she rambles over the interviewers trying to get her to discuss her despicable conduct during a recent town hall meeting: