White Supremacists! Guns! Arizona! President! (or not?)

… and a well-armed black guy exercising his second amendment rights.

What?  A black guy?  Wait a minute…

This is hilarious.

Okay, it would be hilarious, if it wasn’t yet another blatant example of the media showing you what it wants you to see.  The talking-head bimbo, the race-baiting self-hating traitor black guy, and the moron representing the liberal view of a good white guy (stupid, mumbles in consent occasionally, not much else) specifically used the image of this man’s guns to suggest white people would threaten the President.  They cropped out the images of his face, then showed a white guy being interviewed.  They said “white guys with guns” or words to that effect.

Hate to say it, but the whacko conspiracy theorists are looking more sane every day.  THEY really are out to screw us all over.  Let me see some of that moon-landing footage again!