Walking on the U. S. Flag at Walmart

To his credit, the manager (Terry) at the local Walmart who responded to my complaint was courteous, understood my anger, and voiced agreement with my position.  To the discredit of Walmart, he quoted me their response to the effect of “it is not as significant to everyone else.”

He did tell me that he asked ‘corporate’ that his store not receive any more items of this type.  It’s a start.

Especially disturbing was his mention that no one else had complained.

I asked Terry to get me the current inventory and a cost.  I wonder how hard it will be to raise enough money to buy them out. This is Jacksonville, NC.  I’d like to think that alone means there are enough flag loving Veterans here to make that an easy task.  Maybe everyone else is just waiting for someone to take the lead.

I wonder if the county will make me get a permit to burn a thousand flip flops.