Obama Channels Bush

When I heard the President threatening to shoot down Libya’s air force (now that said air force has used up all its ammo blasting the “rebels”), I thought he sounded a lot like he was reading G.W. Bush’s speech announcing the decision to go back into Iraq.  Seems I wasn’t the only one to make that connection, not that I thought I might be…

Obama Copies Bush Speech

Obama closed Friday’s remarks by saying, “I’ve taken this decision with the confidence that action is necessary, and that we will not be acting alone. Our goal is focused. Our cause is just. And our coalition is strong.” Nearly a decade earlier, when President George W. Bush announced that U.S. forces were launching military strikes in Afghanistan, Bush said: “To all the men and women in our military … I say this: Your mission is defined. Your objectives are clear. Your goal is just.” Bush used similar wording in other remarks at the time.

Awesome.  No pissing and moaning from the left when Barry says it, though.  Too bad Barry is far more likely to get Americans killed, especially given he waited till the momentum any revolution might have had was smashed before he even considered taking action.

Sadly, I somewhat agree with those who say we’re better off with the petty dictators running things in the middle East; at least as long as the most likely alternative is islamic sharia compliant states.  Anyone remember what the taliban did to Afghanistan?  Or what the Ayatollah(s) did (is/are doing) to Persia?  Granted the people are miserable, but the world is better off.  When “the people” get smarter about who they’re willing to let lead their countries, then they can be considered mature enough to decide their own fate.  Pretty shitty way of looking at things, but reality can be shitty at times.