Sometimes there is justice

Lynne Stewart is off to the big house for ten long years… Judge nails the bitch to the wall for demonstrating “lack of remorse.”


U.S. District Judge John Koeltl sentenced Stewart, 70, today in New York. A federal appeals court in November ruled that his first sentence didn’t reflect the seriousness of her actions.

The judge said his sentence was “sufficient but not greater than necessary” to punish Stewart, who “abused her position as a lawyer” and said she would do it again. Making such statements showed a lack of remorse, he said.

Bloomberg: Lawyer Lynne Stewart Sentenced to 10 Years for Aiding Imprisoned Terrorist

Guilty as charged.

Treason used to bring the death sentence.  This ‘lawyer’ is 70 and horribly out of shape, so maybe that’s what this really is.