Surely we can’t be this stupid?

The President’s spokesman, the former President’s wife (now Secretary of State), and the propaganda media are all repeating the great lie that muslim savages throughout the world have a clue about some video on youtube that “offends” the offensive animals that follow islam.  Supposedly this obscure video has led rabid animals throughout the muslim world to gnaw through their leashes and attack the most recognizable symbol of stupid internet videos throughout the world:  The Embassies of  these United States.

Propagandists have long stated that a great lie, repeated often enough, will become accepted as truth, and they’re sure as hell trying to prove it now.

The savage animals in question only needed an excuse to attack the United States on the anniversary of their most famous attack on the United States, 9/11.

It’s well past time to recognize these savage animals are not, and cannot be our friends.  Decades of outreach and capitulation has gained nothing.  Offerings of friendship are seen as weakness, they only understand strength.

My suggestion:  Empty our embassies of everything we care about.  Let the savage animals roll in and set up house.  In fact, leave pictures of goats and young boys in there to draw in even more of them.  Then use the embassy as target practice for some rather large munitions.  Preferably, not not necessarily, of the tactical nuclear variety.  Our embassy is sovereign land; surely we’re free to do with it as we please?

And even if you won’t do that, at least have the intestinal fortitude to STOP SENDING THESE SAVAGE ANIMALS MONEY.

There is no amount of capitulation that will satisfy these rabid little beasts.  Like any other, these need to be destroyed to stem the tide of infection.  Any other response is to them, dhimmitude.  I suggest we immediately begin following the example of a century ago, and use their primitive superstitions against them.